A conversation between SBT and I on MSN Messenger, this lunchtime. I am in a bad mood because of various job/ house/ money-related reasons. Plus I just asked for next Monday off because it’s Hallowe’en – the most important Pagan festival in the year – and my boss said  “It would be much better if you didn’t, if that’s possible.” (i.e. no).

Steve says: Hiya darling mate mate darling

Steve just sent you a Nudge!

sevenstars says: hello

Steve says: you have a letter from the RSC

sevenstars says: its just a job description

Steve says: oh

sevenstars says: is there anything else?

Steve says: no mate

sevenstars says: crappy. then the jobs i applied for dont look like i’m in there does it?

sevenstars says:

Steve says: No mate,  shame my special little mate

sevenstars says: i’m in a bad mood today

Steve says: o dear

Steve says: then what i have to say may not go down too well

sevenstars says: oh god, what is it?

Steve says: lol

Steve says: first up why are you in a bad mood?

sevenstars says: no tell me what u have to say

Steve says: no u tell me… etc etc

sevenstars says: go on

Steve says: well i fancied the day off tomorrow as i may have the car (plus i just needed a break from work)

sevenstars says: yeah?

Steve says: and i got it

sevenstars says: that’s good isnt it?

Steve says: well thats not all, i thought well if you are going to have 1 day, you may as well have 3 so I’m off the rest of the week aswell (ducks for cover)

sevenstars says:

Steve says: LOL

sevenstars says: you utter bastard

Steve says: i knew u wouldnt like it

One thought on “

  1. Apart from the fact he has days off and you haven’t.I really enjoyed that conversation pmsl!!!!
    Sitting here reading that has just made me realise what a perfect couple you two really make .
    Please post more of that kind off thing it was excellent xxxx
    talk to you soon xx 


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