Questions but no answers

I didn’t think I’d be back on here but now I’m glad I kept it open. Blooming myblogsky have been offline for almost a month and I have no idea why; also I cant seem to find any info about it. its really annoying, I much prefer that blog so until its up and running again I will update on here. OK: questions.

Why is myblogsky offline? Am I the only user who cares?

Why do things break when you can least afford them too?

Why has it gone from summer to autumn with no warning?

Why am I writing this when I have so much work to do?

Will it be sunny when we go camping?

Why do I wake up in the night every 2 hours on the dot? Is it to get me prepared for The Future?

Why does all the info say ‘your baby will be responding by kicking to the sound he loves most; his mothers voice’ when whats actually happening is that my baby only kicks to the sound of the pneumatic drill outside my office or when I lean forward. So either it:

  • loves the sound of pneumatic drills (slightly worrying)

  • Thinks mummy’s voice is like a pneumatic drill or vice versa

  •  Hates the sound of pneumatic drills 

Either way the question is: How do ‘They’ know whether the kicks mean ‘I Love’ or ‘I Hate’? 

Is this getting me prepared for not having a clue what my baby wants when it indicates by crying etc?

Isn’t it just kicking?

Is this the first of many moments where one asks oneself; why is my baby not progressing as per the book? *shudder, note to self, dont be like that*

It’s so easy to ‘do it wrong’ when actually I suspect that there’s no ‘right’. Why does having a baby need to be so much more complicated now than it ever used to be?

Is Miriam Stoppard actually resident on this planet? Examples: “Have a wash basin fitted in your nursery if you can” (I mean, why even bother saying this?? Haven’t mothers  – whether they can have one fitted or not – got enough to sort out?) or how about a long paragraph discussing the advantages of disposable nappies and not once mentioning their environmental impact. Not once. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but where’s the harm in a balanced argument?

Is it just me or do the words ‘avoid pre-prepared salads if you’re pregnant’ just seem a touch over-cautious?

What happened to robust common sense? (side note: my mum looked incredulous the other day when I told her I was going to a demo for real nappies. She said ‘Why do you need a demonstration on how to fold a nappy?’ I guess these days you do as they’ve changed so much since her day, but I could see what she meant. I think common sense could have retired with her generation. If my Mum read some of the stuff thats around these days, she’d laugh her head off.)

If one could just relax about the whole thing and just do what felt right – would it really be so bad?

Why is it so impossible to get a letter from a company when you need one?

Why does one mistake made by one call centre employee (now recitified) make everyone else in the line, regardless of the company they work for, get incredibly confused?

Why do I feel like this only happens to me?

Why does perspective elude me, yet people value my advice?

Oh hang on. I know why all the questions have no answers. It’s so I have something to think about when I wake up at 2, 4 and 6. See? everything has a purpose, the circle of life etc.

2 thoughts on “Questions but no answers

  1. I so remember those days, sad thing is you never forget the strange parts of being pregnant lol. You know what they say about the times you wake up……………thats usually a sign of when you will start labour through to giving birth.
    Congrats on the cook book xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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